Senior Day Care and Social Club Laguna Woods, CA

Welcome to the Senior Day Care Center of Laguna Woods, CA

We offer fun, challenging, and interesting senior programs and activities to enhance the lives of your loved ones.

We are committed to keeping our seniors safe from COVID-19 in Laguna Woods, CA.

It’s About the Quality of Your Senior’s Life

We provide our seniors the opportunity to get out of their homes, socialize to make friends, and participate in activities that will improve the overall well-being of our beloved seniors.

Pictures taken pre-COVID-19

Senior Day Care Programs

We offer various stimulating activities to our seniors that make each day interesting and exciting.

We provide supervision from registered and qualified caregivers who give individual attention to your loved ones in a safe and comfortable environment.

Your Home Care of Laguna Woods, CA is committed to promoting health and independence in the lives of your senior loved ones through the careful pairing of an atmosphere of freedom with supervision.


Our Senior Programs Include:

Transportation To and From Center

Catered Lunch & Snacks
Personal Caregiver Assistance
Stimulating Daily Activities
Medication Reminders & Supervision

Affordable Half-Day, Full-Day, and By-the-Hour Options

Our Senior Activities Include:

Music Appreciation & Music Therapy
Games and Arts & Crafts
Light Exercise
Injury Prevention Movements
Big Screen Movies
Instructional Classes

Socializing, Storytelling, and Reminiscing


Love the Friendly Community!

I love this company! They have blessed me so much! My 96-year-old father— who lives with us and loves to still get out, see people, and do things— gets picked up three days a week by Your Home Care and taken to their center for a fun-filled day. He loves the friendly community, the engaging activities, and the nutritious lunch he gets served. It gives me such peace that he gets to go out and have his own special day with others who care about him, too. Thank you, Cameron and your team for making this center possible for my father and others!
~ Lesley R.

Amazing to Work With

Cameron Chadwick and the team are the best to work with when it comes to in-home care. They really listen and take the time to understand your needs— and are just amazing to work with. The quality of care provided is the best, and they really go above and beyond. I would recommend them to all of my family and friends. They are truly amazing!
~ Josh S.

Back to Her Normal, Joyful Self

I referred a friend of mine to Cameron at Your Home Care— and his team exceeded her expectations. Before they stepped in to help her, she was extremely fatigued and stressed from taking care of her two 80-year-old aunts. Now, she is finally back to her normal, joyful self!
~ Derrick B.

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